With over 18 years of professional experience in riding, teaching, and horse management, I bring a lifelong passion for equestrian excellence. Raised in the esteemed Radnor Hunt area, my fascination with horses began at the prestigious Devon Horse Show. From pleading for lessons as a child to honing my skills in dressage as a teen, my journey has been one of unwavering dedication to these majestic animals.

Having competed successfully in eventing and dressage as a young rider, I embarked on a journey of learning and growth under the mentorship of renowned international level riders and judges such as Lendon Gray, Todd Flettrich, Jennifer Roth, and Gabriel Armando. Through immersive experiences as a working student and FEI groom, I had the privilege of participating in clinics with world-class trainers, spending winters in Wellington and summers in Germany. This exposure extended beyond riding, allowing me to glean insights from top veterinary experts, sports medicine specialists, bodyworkers, and farriers.

Driven by a passion for biomechanics and the efficacy of aids, I am actively pursuing certification as a yoga teacher to enhance our program. While our clientele primarily comprises adults, we warmly welcome children under 18 under parental supervision. While competition opportunities are available, they are not obligatory. Our ethos centers around providing a serene and private environment where both individuals and horses can flourish.

In addition to regular lessons, our offerings encompass lunge lessons, cavaletti, jumping, and hacking tailored to the specific needs of our equine partners. Embracing riders from diverse disciplines, we take pride in fostering skill enhancement and enhancing rideability for both horse and rider.

This year, I eagerly anticipate entering the competition arena with my promising home-bred gelding, Freddy (007 x Furstenball), adding an exciting dimension to our journey of excellence. Join us as we embark on a voyage of equestrian mastery and mutual growth.

— Bryn Devine, Owner and Trainer

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